Petition for Term Limits:

Term limits make government more responsive to the public interest. In issue 3 of The City Council Chronicle, Rochester City Council promoted the idea that Term Limits "promote community involvement,", "incorporate new voices" in our local government, allow "individuals with conflicts to recuse themselves," and build up "institutional knowledge."

On August 9th 2016, our local City Council voted 9-0 to impose term limits on volunteer boards and commissions. They did not propose or vote to impose term limits on themselves or other elected city officials. 

The people of Rochester want community involvement, new voices, diversity, and ethical conflict prevention in more than just volunteer boards and commissions. We want these things in our local government as well. Our city council has no term limits; some of our council members have sat on Rochester City Council for over a decade. It is time they put constituents first and institute term limits to better our community. 

If you believe that the City of Rochester should have term limits on their elected officials please sign the petition below! 

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Term Limits:

Whereas Term Limits promote community involvement, engagement, diversity, and new voices in local government. We the undersigned citizens of Rochester request Rochester City Council to enact term limits for our elected officials. 

We respectfully submit the following changes we would like to see made to the City Charter: 

(1) Impose a maximum of two full terms (or a maximum of 8 years) on any elected official for the position they have been elected to. An individual remains eligible to serve on a different elected position after completing two terms. The termed-out member may not be appointed to a position that they have already served two terms on. 

(2) Restrict the City Council from extending the term limit of currently serving elected officials. 

(3) Restrict the City Council from extending the length of a full term longer than four years.

(4) Shorten all existing terms to a maximum of four years. 

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